All our employees are provided with a pocketbook after on-the-job trainings and orientation processes.


“Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry and Trade Limited is a FAMILY. We value all new employees as members of our family. At this point, our only condition is to work and live within the principles composing the essential features of our family.

We meticulously preserved the fundamental principles we undertook during our founding, and we took as a goal to reach tomorrows without compromise.

We hope that this handbook we prepared to inform our employees will come in handy, and we wish all our personnel success…”


“This handbook is prepared in order to protect the personnel from accidents and occupational diseases, to raise their awareness of occupational health and safety, and to develop protective measures.

This handbook (Occupational Health and Safety) was put together to answer questions that may rise in working life and to provide a resource that employees can access any time. As PAKEL is aware that a more healthy and safe work environment is possible through collective awareness and sensitivity, the aim of this handbook is to be a guide for our employees to follow Occupational Health and Safety regulations, principally for themselves, and for their colleagues and families, and thus work and live in an accident-free environment.”