PAKEL Corporate Culture is set within our understanding of global quality…

As PAKEL, we are conscious of the constitutive demands of the area we live in and of the and Turkey’s role in global manufacturing and assembly industry. We possess international standard certificates to respond to all international and domestic projects we may receive. We provide all our services without sacrificing quality and in accord with international standards. With our trained and experienced team, we are able to organize production and assembly services all over the world.

Both in our country and in the world, the increase in population and by extension in demand, has resulted in a rapid growth in technological innovation. Accordingly, the investments in production have brought into question the necessity of companies which are experienced, open to critical technological developments, whose staff is competent in practice, capable of meeting the strong demand of establishing plants in a race against time.

Our cofounders, both as contractors and subcontractors, are renowned for meticulously performing the production and assembly of all kinds of rigs and equipment of state and private sector industrial enterprises

Pakel has adapted as a principle to ever increase its quality of service and continuously develop with its emphasis on work ethics. Pakel acts with the awareness of what it means and how important it is to leave a better world to the future generations.

Manufacturing and assembly operations are conducted in compliance with international standards. Follows the latest developments and innovations in technology with its experienced staff.

Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry and Trade Limited is ready to take responsibility all over the world with its staff whose expertise is the result of Pakel’s investment in technology, information, and in human beings, and with its wide range of product.

Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry and Trade Limited, aims to reach integral quality through the adoption of Total Quality Management as the corporate culture. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, it is of utmost importance to be able to see the future in the days of continual change in competition, and to innovate or keep creativity maximized accordingly. We are increasing our grasp on the importance of Quality in the ranging competition environment and we are progressing with sure steps without compromise.

Our aim is not only to attain a certain standard, but to elevate even higher whatever standard is being aimed. With this approach, Pakel has adopted perfectionism and zero mistake policy as a principle.

Our Fundamental Policy is to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction by addressing the initial and ongoing needs and expectations of our customers, delivering our commitments on time and in full, preventing wastage during production by completing our operations at once and faultlessly, working with the understanding of shortest time, lowest cost, highest quality, and to guarantee quality at all times and at every stage of production, and thus provide competitive, in demand services and products, elicit constant growth by ensuring the entire staff’s support and participation, and strengthen the team spirit and cooperation by keeping staff training and motivation high, spread the quality to all operations and respecting the environment.