For Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry and Trade Limited, it is crucial that the projects are conducted in accord with the contracts, legal arrangements, and employer’s requests and that they are delivered within the deadlines.

Some of the exemplary principles which reflect PAKEL’s overall understanding of quality control:

  • Warning the employer of errors in design and/or implementation phase by locating them on time
  • Taking the necessary precautions before the problems arise and inform the employer regarding these measures
  • Eradicating completely the defects in quality by applying graded quality control systems and procedures during the stages of design, commission, production, transportation, and construction.
  • In order to ever increase the efficiency of the quality control system, PAKEL will discern the performance indicators of the main stages, set measurable goals, and follow the developments.
  • Employees of PAKEL will prioritize the PAKEL brand and compliance with the conditions of the contract made with the employer when making decisions to put to practice these policies in their areas of activity, will be aware of their responsibility, and take initiative when needed.
  • Employees will make no promises that they cannot keep to the employer or to other PAKEL personnel and keep those promises they have made.
  • They will share their current information and experiences with the other PAKEL employees.
  • They will show the necessary sensitivity to work in accord with PAKEL policies