• HEALTH:We provide the necessary conditions to preserve and protect the health of our employees.
  • SAFETY:We believe that we can prevent all work accidents, occupational diseases, injuries, and casualties with our social awareness, efforts, and liabilities.
  • ENVIRONMENT:We aim to raise environmental awareness in our employees, and to ever increase the attention we pay to the economic use of natural resources and to the environment.
  • HEALTH:Health inspections are conducted periodically, and we prioritize the “human” factor in our activities.
    Thus, we make sure that our employees start to work healthy and that they stay healthy as they proceed with their work.
    We conduct initial and periodical health examinations on all our employees according to regulations. In addition, as a result of our on-site physician’s evaluations, we determine the necessary work-specific examinations and keep ourselves up to date.
    We keep track of employee performances and preventive medicine measures are employed to improve production.
    A sufficient number of certificated first aiders are dispersed homogenously throughout the workplace in every department.

ENVIRONMENT: Our company, as well as complying with the legal obligations, also strives to make developments and improvements while maintaining production standards.
PAKEL as one of the first implementors of new technologies of waste reduction at the source works with competent Ministry Approved firms.
We deliver our waste sorted as plastic/metal/paper/glass and constantly monitor these as well as our other waste.
Work sanitation is achieved by periodically measuring emissions, not only to protect our employees, but everyone.
In order to ensure efficient use of our resources, we always follow technological developments to reduce energy and water usage and implement them in our organizations.

SAFETY: We operate in compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Quality Management System.
We operate in accord with the regulations, standards and procedures, and with respect to society.
In order to maintain the highest level of security culture, we periodically conduct “Occupational Health and Safety” trainings and emergency drills with the help of our experienced technical staff, certificated experts, and our on-site physician.
We ensure that necessary measures are taken regarding emergency action plan preparation, prevention, protection, and evacuation, firefighting, first aid, and that the personnel stationed to conduct these situations safely are prepared, that the execution performances of the personnel are monitored and improved consistently

WORK SAFETY: As a firm integrating lean production principle with Occupational Safety, we conduct monthly 5S evaluations, plan continuous inspections and improvements aside from the periodical checkups of the equipment. All records are kept regularly in line with the legal obligations, and in addition to the Yearly Training Plans, off-plan training sessions are of great importance to us in keeping our staff well informed.

TRAINING: When planning the yearly training program, PAKEL takes into account issues such as Occupational Competence, Management Systems, Production Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment, and as a result of the yearlong inspections and analyses, organizes off-plan training courses with the assistance of the individuals or firms who are leading experts of their field.
With our staff embracing Occupational Safety culture by means of the safety drills and trainings we arrange, we aim to be one of the model companies of our sector with our Occupational Safety culture and discipline, as well as achieving zero workplace accident.