As Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry, we are aware that success stems from humans. We are a big family striving to add value to all our employees’ achievements. Every one of us is aware of the vital part we play in fulfilling the needs of the company we serve. We respect the rights and dignity of our family members.
Our Human Resources Management Policies aiming to support PAKEL, and realize its vision and values are as follows:

The fundamental goal of Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry Human resources is to make organizations where, in line with the values, vision, and strategies of the company, employees can perform their full capacity and competences, and where they will feel like they are an essential part of a great team by adding notable value to the organization.

The basic approach we will employ are:

  • By providing a systematic work environment in which our employees’ social rights and obligations may be abided by, and so create and maintain a fair and safe relations,
  • Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry fulfills its obligations in a timely manner as it has promised, is fair and open in its relations, and expects the same attitude and behavior from its employees,
  • To increase the standard of service and living of our employees is one of our main goals. In order to achieve that, improvements are made in training, motivation, and social activities,
  • We believe that employee and employer loyalty is built upon mutual trust and merit.
  • Contributing to the personal growth of our employees by allowing them to have parallel career expectations in the context of corporate needs,
  • Institutionalizing intellectual fund of knowledge,
  • Maintaining the continuity of corporal learning and betterment within a plain organizational structure,
  • Clearly defining the decision-making authority in conducting business and distributing the authority among relevant staff, thus building corporal relations upon trust,
  • When mistakes occur in work life, primarily questioning the systematic structures and work standards and not the employees,
  • Creating and helping internalize motivational values of the company,
  • Building systematic structures that will directly add to the motivation,
  • And to provide a world standard occupational safety and health environment.


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