In Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry and Trade Limited, Health, Safety, and Environmental awareness are our integral to our work. Our company prescribes that all legal regulations and guidelines will be abided by, the health and safety of our personnel, clients, and all others involved will be prioritized, and that the necessary measures are taken to protect the environment


PAKEL takes care to prevent health problems in its personnel and to other people and to improve the health conditions of its employees


The company works on the principle that all injuries are prevented during work and strives to raise and develop the awareness and the discipline that the work at hand requires the utmost safety measures.
We strive to ensure that all our operations are conducted in line with safety regulations and that no employee works without the awareness of no work is so important that it needs to be done beyond safety measures, that all necessary training courses are provided,
And finally, to provide the occupational safety expectations of our clients at the maximum level.


Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry and Trade Limited is sensitive in all its operations to human health, natural resources and global environmental concerns. This sensitivity is not barely limited to the performance of legal obligations, but it also embraces the integration of business processes and environmentally friendly practices.



  • Raising awareness in employees that all operations must be undertaken within the bounds of safety measures and that no work is so important that the safety measures may be ignored,
  • Conducting necessary supervision to see our shortcomings regarding HSE and taking due precautions to eliminate them,
  • Providing a safe environment for our employees to realize our expectations of HSE,
  • Sorting and disposal of our waste to be recycled to protect the environment and nature,
  • As Pakel Industry Construction Energy Machinery Industry and Trade Limited, we pledge that in line with continuous development principle, we will continually enhance and improve our HSE Policy and HSE performance,
  • That we will work intensively to prevent potential work accidents and hazards,
  • That we will keep up with technological developments to reduce sources of pollution,
  • And we will cooperate with public institutions to meet the requirements of environmental legislations and regulations in technical and financial terms and evaluate the effects of our operations in our areas of activity on society and environment.